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Product video
Customer case
Bubble film cutting
EPE foam cutting, auto feeding table
Once cutting 3 rolls EPE together
Groove machine with slitting machine for epe foam
Disposable lunch box cover
Blister packaging 2
Disposable lunch box cover 2

Automatic Cutting And Slitting Machine

Die cutting machine with picker & Conveyor belt
Roller die cutting machine
Auto-feeding die cutting machine
Automatic Conveyor belt die cutting machine
Manual die cutting machine cutting force 40~150T
Cycle automatic bonding machine
Double station auto-bonding machine
Nonwoven Kitchen Sponge Abrasive Pads Machines
Hot Melt Glue Machines
Vertical cutting machines manual/Automatic
Other Machines
Blister packaging
Transparent lunch box cover
epe foam stamping
Blister  container macking
leather die cutting
die cutting machine.MP4
polyurethane bonding
EPE foam bonding 2
Die cutting dish washing abrasive sponges
15mm thickness scouring pad cutting 1
600mm double roller model
Manual cutting kitchen sponge
slicer 1500mm
EPE right angle pasting machine
Flannel laminating machine
Glue machine with press machine 1
groove machine.mp4
Transparent blister material
EPE foam die cutting
EPE foam container
Conveyor belt configuration cylinder stamping machine
EPE foam stamping.mp4
EPE foam bonding 1
Mexican customer
Cutting kitchen sponge
5mm thickness scouring pad cutting
800mm single roller model
Automatic cutting epe foam
Slicing machine 1800mm
Film opener 600mm
EPE foam Waste recycling machine
Positioning plate cutting
1600mm model
automatic cut machine cutting sponge scourer pad
automatic cutter for scouring pad
EPE foam Customer production video
Disposable small lunch box
EPE foam punching
Double station die cutting machine
Automotive interior leather making
Touch sceen type
polyurethane foam bonding machine
Brazilian customer
Kitchen clean sponge groove machine
18mm thickness scouring pad cutting
15mm thickness scouring pad cutting
800 mm double roller model
polyurethane foam machine
Slice machine 800mm
EPE foam angle bonding machine
Rubber sheet with Kraft paper laminating machine
Glue machine with press machine 2
laminate machine for sponge with abrasive Pad
Scouring pad cutting
EPE foam cutting,auto-feeding and stacking
Bubble film cutting 2
EPE foam cutting 2, auto feeding table
EVA cutting,auto stacking
EVA cutting.mp4
巴西双工位客户视频1 (1)合并.mp4
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